Society Projects

Conservation Map and Records of Historic Buildings and Sites in Coventry, Connecticut - In 2002-03, the Society was asked to provide the Coventry's Conservation Committee with information on the location of historic sites and buildings in Coventry and a list of "scenic vistas". A preliminary report was submitted to the Committee that was comprised of a draft map of sites and buildings designated as historic in several documents on file in the Society Archives. Currently, a database of sites is being created with each site cross-referenced to a street address and to a file of information and photographs for the site. "Problem" references to old sites are being researched and the map updated. Volunteers are welcome to work on this on-going project at any time.

Schoolhouse Project - The Society is collecting photographs, school materials and stories about the schools in Coventry. The Brick Schoolhouse has a great collection of school memorabilia and the Society has hosted several reunions of people who when to school in Coventry, especially the one-room district schools. If you have photos, stories or other materials that could be scanned by the Society or if you would like to donated some of these materials, please contact the Society at

Coventry School Project - Covering the years between 1900 and 1913.

Archives Project - The Archives Committee is currently reviewing all of the items in our archives to be sure items can be located efficiently. All photographs and pictures are being scanned, stored as digital images and individually entered into the database with keyword descriptions. The is a massive project and it is estimated that there are more than 2000 pictures in the collection.

Old newspaper articles are also being scanned and individually cataloged to be more easily accessed. Volunteers are needed to read and assign keywords to each of these articles. Please contact the Society at if you would like to help with this project.